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Guided Sleep Meditation & Affirmations

How does it work?

Your life experience is created by your subconscious mind.
Your beliefs and chronic thoughts live here.
Once a belief makes it`s way to your subconscious mind,
it becomes your reality.

A belief is just a thought you’ve thought multiple times.

What you believe, you expect

What you expect, you receive

Your subconscious mind is running your life!

The beliefs in your subconscious mind are literally creating your reality.

Your subconscious mind is full of deeply rooted beliefs, mostly from your childhood because at this time you were like a sponge to new information - to new beliefs.

How to set new beliefs?


It is the dreamstate from where your physical reality is actually created.
The dreamstate is the subconscious mind. In dreams, you are living out your biggest fears and desires.
In dreams, you are actually experiencing your deep-rooted beliefs.

If you become aware that you are dreaming, you can instantly control your dreams. This is called lucid dreaming.

Your physical reality is also a dream.

It is just more focused and solid. Your physical reality is actually made up of vibrations. Everything you see, hear, feel and touch is just a vibration.

So, the way you can change your physical reality is by accessing your subconscious mind - your dreamstate.

Right before sleep when you’re in that drowsy state, your brain moves down into slower (theta) brainwaves, making it very easy to reach the subconscious mind.

This is the state where you can remain conscious and slowly fall into your dreams. This is the most perfect moment to change your beliefs about life.

For example, if you are listening to beautiful music and positive affirmations just before sleep or while sleeping - you are dissolving your negative beliefs and replacing them with positive and uplifting beliefs. And these new beliefs will start to create your new wonderful reality.


I have created the "Sleep Magik" program just for that.
To Make Your Life Magical Again!

These guided meditations are designed to work with your subconscious mind while you sleep or just before you go to sleep. 

They will reprogram your subconscious mind for abundance, self-love, health, happiness, and magic.  It will bring you back to your natural state which is a high vibrational being of love.

When your vibration is high and you are in a state of wonder, you can manifest anything with a simple thought, just like children do.

If you go to sleep in a vibrational state of wonder and magic, you will wake up to a world of wonder and magic. 


“Listen to these Magical Meditations every day and you will become a powerful creator who can manifest money, health, freedom, love, and magic with ease and grace 💖”.

Here's what you get:
You'll receive 14 Audio Meditations

11+ Hours of Sleep Talks/Stories, Teachings, Meditations & Affirmations with Healing Music that will change your life! 

1. Deep Sleep Hypnosis: Guided Meditation For Sleep & Healing (54min)

When you have a problem or dis-ease, sleep on it. Sleep will heal anything.  This guided meditation will take you on a journey into your body and beyond. 
You will start to deeply relax & heal every part of your body. You will sleep like a baby.

2. Guided Meditation Story for Manifesting Your Dreams (32min)

In this relaxing sleep meditation, you will learn all about manifestation and law of attraction. This is a very deep meditation that will sink in to your subconscious mind. You will learn things that nobody is talking about. All explained very simply.

3. Guided Sleep Meditation Story: A Magical Journey for Healing and Self Love (33min)

In this magical meditation story, i will take you on a journey trough a beautiful enchanted  forest where you will meet your self - you TRUE Self. It will heal and release all your past traumas and dramas. You will start a new wonderful life. 

4. Manifest Abundance Now:
Guided Meditation With Affirmations to Create Rich & Wealthy Life (71min)

In this meditation you will learn how you actually create your reality. And how can you do it more consciously. You will find out what is the most powerful reality-creation tool you already have.

5. Sleep and Grow Rich: Guided Sleep Meditation with Affirmations for Wealth & Abundance (55min)

This meditation will speed up your money vibration.
It will start with a brief teaching about the law of attraction, followed by a guided relaxation and ends with powerful success & money affirmations.

6. Lucid Dreaming Meditation Sleep Talk Down: Becoming the Master of Your Dreams (64min)

Your will learn how to turn your physical reality into a wonderful dream. Find out what is the difference between reality, dreams and what is actually dying..and much more..

7. Guided Sleep Meditation Story: Sleep Talk Down About the Secrets of Your Real Heart (33min)

Here you will find out why do you actually breathe. What happens with your body when you breathe and what is your Real Heart. How can you use breathing to raise your vibration and much more..

8. End Procrastination Now : Guided Sleep Meditation with Positive Affirmations to Living Your Dream Life (64min)

Here, you will find out what is the root cause of procrastination and laziness. This meditation will release you from the blockages that hold you back, so that you can live your dream life.

9. Your Dragon: Guided Sleep Meditation for Deep Healing (15min)

In this guided meditation story, we are diving deep into your inner being, your inner child - your dragon. It is time to meet this magical being and set yourself free from every bondage. It is time to open your wings and fly.

10. Guided Sleep Meditation for Self Love & Healing: Relaxing Affirmations Before Sleep (68min)

This is a beautiful Self-Love daily reminder. It will connect you with your heart and your inner child. It will make you love your body, feel light and wonderful just like when you were a child.

11. Best Day Ever: Morning Guided Meditation for an Amazing Day (22min)

This affirmative morning meditation will lift you up, raise your vibration to the highest. Just allow yourself to wake up like a morning flower. It will make you feel good about yourself and boost your inspiration to live your life to the fullest. 

12. Sleep Talk Down Guided Meditation
The Language of the Universe and How Does That Reality Work (68min)

What is the language of the universe? How does it communicate? Here you will find out all about the workings of the Universe. This is a wonderful enlightening  journey with beautiful music.

13. I Am Sleep Affirmations: Guided Meditation for Happiness and Abundance (64min)

This guided sleep meditation will relax you fully and harmonize your vibration so you can allow in more happiness and abundance. The law of attraction will work on full power after listening to this meditation.

14. Instant Anxiety Release Meditation: Guided Meditation for Anxiety & Stress (23min)

This guided anxiety release meditation is a soft and soothing journey to self-love and relaxation. Letting go of all worries and learning to allow in self-love.

Bonus #1

Dragon Language: Sleep Meditation (52min)

It is the ancient language we all used to communicate and create magical worlds around us. This is the language we all can speak without learning it. It bypasses your thoughts and goes directly into your heart.

Bonus #2

Happiness is for Dummies: How to Stop Worrying, Finding Joy Inside (31min)

Do you often overthink or just worry about all the little things?  Do you worry about tomorrow, or get stuck in the past? Do you find yourself stuck in life or you cant find the joy in every moment? Do you just want to be happy every single moment in your life? You will find all the answers in this audiobook.

💖 People really Love this Program 💖

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Reigo Vilbiks

You are GOD! Literally - Everything you see, feel and hear is created by your own
consciousness - OWN IT and CHANGE IT 😇

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